BACH & more friends

Production on hold while seeking funding




Many people have been touched by BACH & friends and often in very personal and spiritual ways. Yet the film only explored a part of Bach's enormous body of work. I am making a companion film to expand for my audience a larger vision of Bach's greatest masterpieces - especially the vocal and ensemble music.

As in BACH & friends, only the highest level of Bach playing will be featured; and the goal is to make BACH & more friends as entertaining and accessible to a wide audience as the initial production. The new film will be a mixture of world class soloists, vocal works and ensemble music as well as Bach performed on unexpected instruments. In addition, I envision performances on period instruments as well as jazz interpretations. There are many cinematic challenges to find new and exciting ways to film this expanded number of on-camera musicians and singers.

The final shape of the film will mostly be determined by my success in attracting donations that will support a greatly expanded plan for location filming. So many of the top Bach performers that I have approached are spread out across the nation and in Europe.

Though there are no commitments yet, I have made initial contact with John Eliot Gardiner, Joshua Rifkin, Ton Koopman, Jordi Savall, Leon Fleisher, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, James Galway as well as Wynton Marsalis. Jacques Loussier, and Dave Brubeck.

I have many new wonderful Bach players - famous and not so well known lining up for the sequel. The film will include Bach played on a wide variety of instruments: saxophone, mandolin cello, marimba, double necked tap guitar, pan-flute, guitar quartet and toy instruments as well as traditional classical instruments. Renowned composer and silent film accompanist Donald Sosin will improvise Bach to a silent film classic.

Recently, I was a guest at a Johns Hopkins Brain Mind Institute conference on the arts and I was convinced there is a place in the new film for more insights into Bach and the brain. Marvin Minsky, who is also a Bach player, will help us understand these new discoveries.

Returning from BACH & friends will be host Michael Hawley with many new stories and insights into Bach as well as his wonderful Bach playing. Simone Dinnerstein and Richard Stoltzman will play a Da Gamba Sonata and Joao Carlos Martins will conduct Bachiana Filarmonica in Bach's Orchestra Suite No. 3.

The biggest missing element in BACH & friends was the B Minor Mass. The first film ended with Art of Fugue and the new film will conclude with Bach's other great final masterpiece. I am very fortunate to have Garrett Brown shoot the ending section of the film with excerpts from the Mass. His recent invention - the Tango Steadycam will be utilized for filming the B Minor Mass and throughout BACH & more friends. We will shoot the singers and players in a church and then transition into a Chroma Keyed cosmic environment with Michael Benson's Visions of the Interplanetary Probes in the background. Drew Berry, a biomedical animator has allowed me to use his cell animation in this concluding section which will revisit the idea of the micro and macro in Bach's music. Also Carl Schoonover will provide his wonderful images of the brain to this climax of BACH & more friends.

I have lots of new ideas and am very excited about the many wonderful possibilities to further explore Bach's music. I will film throughout 2011 and finish the film in 2012.

The realization of BACH & more friends is totally dependent on the generous support of Bach lovers around the world. Please spread the word. The prestigious San Francisco Classical Voice will serve as the non-profit 501 (c)(3) fiscal sponsor.

I look forward to making BACH & more friends and hopefully with the addition of this companion film I will have made my statement on Bach.

The adventure begins again!



On Board for BACH & more friends



Turtle Island Quartet



Mike Hawley

Pianist and Bach Storyteller Extraordinaire



Donald Sosin


Pianist, Composer, Improviser for Silent Film

Sharen Isbin


Guitarist, Rosalyn Tureck Student



Mika Yoshida

Jazz Marimbist


Andrew Schulman

Bach in The Beth Israel Medical Center's
Intensive Care Unit



Tiempo Libre

Afro-Cuban Jazz - Bach in Havana



The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet



Simone Dinnerstein and Richard Stoltzman

Clarinet and Piano Duet



Marvin Minsky

Bach and the Brain


Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenber

Mandolin and Mandolincello Duets



Dave Camwell & Oasis

Saxophone Quartet - Bach-Centric


Joao Carlos Martins conducts Bachiana Filarmonica

Bach's Orchestra Suite No. 3



Mads Vinding and Poul Rosenbaum

Danish jazz musicians - Bach to Bach



Adam Fulara

Double Necked Tap-Guitarist


Donald Sosin - Sxip Shirey - Adam Matta

Bach played for young children on Toy Instruments






Garrett Brown

Cinematographer and inventor of the Steadicam

Garrett's Steadicam Tango will be used extensively
for BACH & more friends



Michael Benson




Drew Berry

Biomedical Animator



Jos Leys

Creator of Mathematical images and animation