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BACH & Friends was launched at EG

Thanks to Richard Saul Wurman and Mike Hawley

funding was secured to make

BACH & friends


Richard Stoltzman joined Mike and represented Bach & friends.


Mike Bach To EG 5

The completion of Bach & friends

was celebrated at EG'10




Richard performed the Chromatic Fantasy.


Joshua Bell was a surprise guest at EG'10's Bach & friends celebration!

The morning after his Live From Lincon Center performance,

Josh was on an early morning flight to Monterey.

A screening of the opening section of BACH & friends

began the celebration of BACH at EG'10




Joshua Bell plays the Chaconne

with Mike Hawley telling stories of key moments in Bach's life

At last year's EG, Joshua Bell represented the Bach Project and played the Chaconne.



EG10 Lobby Poster


EG'08 Schedule

EG'08 Blog



A Sample Reel of Bach Initial Footage was Screened at EG'07

EG '07 Schedule


Mike @ EG'07

Mike Blog @ EG'07

Richard's clip from Mike's Library of Congress film Memory and Imagination: New Pathways to the Library of Congress.