Bach Project - Edgar Meyer


Edgar Meyer



Bach does sit in a central place.



Being around Bach's music, listening to it,
or playing it on the bass,
or playing it on the piano,
being involved with Bach’s music in any way,
really, I guess, gives me as much pleasure
as any one thing I can think of.



There was a lot of fun just trying to figure out
how to make Bach happen on a bass.



Because it does present a large number
of very interesting technical challenges.
Ah, now my hands are doing what they’re supposed to.



It just feels right.  
That's what I want to do with the bass.  
Now that’s music.



My father was excited about this music
and it was played on Sunday morning before we went to church.



I can remember him, he was play a recording,
some piece of music that he was particularly fond of,
and he would look up and he would just say,
Now that’s really what it’s all about.



So I think Bach was the center of his existence
and I think I picked that up pretty directly, pretty honestly.



I am here to tell you, ain’t nobody like Bach.



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