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Felix Hell



The organ was really the instrument that inspired Bach to be a composer.


Bach was helping his great-uncle Christoph to maintain the instrument
and so on the one side he was a great help to his great-uncle
but on the other side he was also able to learn
and to become an organ technician himself.



I think you could almost compare Bach
a little bit like a computer geek these days,
I mean, he really knew his stuff.




When Bach was 23, which is right around my age as a matter of fact,
he was appointed court organist in Weimar
and to get such a great appointment,
as a big appointment at such a young age,
was quite an achievement.



And Weimar was actually when he wrote a big part
of all his organ work and the D Major Fugue,
as a matter of fact, it’s very likely it was composed
during that time.



The D Major Fugue is one of my personal favorite fugues. 
It is just full of youth and freshness and exuberance. 
It is quite literally a dance.




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