Bach Project - Jake Shimabukuro



Jake Shimabukur



The ukulele is the underdog of all instruments. 
And when you play it, it just makes you smile.



One of the characteristics about Bach’s music
is that it’s so perfect and every note has its place.



Bach has so many of these really cool,
just beautiful melodic lines that are happening.



The notes just make so much sense.



It really doesn’t matter what instrument you play.



Bach is the most difficult music I’ve ever tackled
and then you think, okay, how am I going to do this.



It’s this constant problem solving when you’re playing the ukulele. 
It really made me look at my fingerboard in a different way.



With Bach, there is such a range of emotions runs through your body,
run through your mind.  You have to feel it inside of you.


You have to be able to attach yourself to those notes
and these different feelings to it.



And then when you play, all of that comes out
and that’s what makes it magical. 
That’s what moves people.





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