The John Glenn Story



With John Glenn, Walter Cronkite, Mike McCurry,
Chris Kraft, Gene Kranz and Ted Williams




Glenn's first flight ushered in the modern era
of space exploration for America.

His landmark return to space represented the final chapter
of space exploration in the 20th century.



Pioneers of the American space program share their extraordinary journey,
a journey that would lead to the moon and the greatest
technological achievement of the 20th century.

Gene Kranz, Chris Kraft, Glynn Lunney, Guenter Wendt and Sam Beddingfield



When an Atlas rocket launched John Glenn into space in 1962,
the Mission Controller captured the hopes of a nation
when he said, "God speed, John Glenn."



Mission controllers watched helplessly as Glenn's heart rate continued
to climb. "This is Cape, do you read? Over......Friendship 7, this is
Cape, do you read? Over......Uh, 7, this is Cape, transmitting blind. Uh,
Friendship 7, this is Cape, do you read?"



The nation held its breath as Friendship 7 reentered the earth's atmosphere
and Mission Control received another transmission from John Glenn:
"My condition is good; but, boy, that was a real fireball."



One of the surprises to everyone was how much the American public
particularly, but the world public at large, was ready to elevate
John Glenn to the status of hero.



Known around the world, John Glenn is one of the most
celebrated Americans of our time.



Spectacular shots of mission STS-95 allow the audience to travel
inside the shuttle Discovery with Glenn as he works as a payload
specialist and views the Earth from space for the first time in 36 years.



Test pilot, astronaut, war hero, and four-term Senator. Glenn's two
space flights bookend an extraordinary life in politics, including his
close friendship with the Kennedys and his 24 years in Congress.



Written, Directed and Edited by Michael R. Lawrence

Produced by Julian Krainin and Michael R. Lawrence

Original Music by Elam Sprenkle

Narrated by John Caps

Executive Producer Pat Mitchell