The Mind of Music






"I have seen a videotape of the program The Mind of Music.
It is a sensitive, penetrating and thought-provoking essay
on the magic of music. I recommend this film highly."
Isaac Stern

The Mind of Music Trailer




Yehudi Menuhin comments on the universality of the
musical experience and the challenges of performance.
Gunther Schuller shares his ideas about the mysteries
of the creative process, while Dr. Lewis Thomas
speculates that music may describe the actual
operation of consciousness. George Rochberg reveals
his innermost thoughts about the nature
of music and the art of composition.


Performances of Bach, Byrd, Victoria, Telemann,
Parchelbel, Mozart, Brahms, Faure and Stravinsky.



This celebration of the musical experience
was filmed at The Peabody Conservatory of Music
and funded by the Ford Foundation and
the National Endowment for the Humanities.



A multi-award winning film, The Mind of Music
is a stimulating introduction for a general audience
to the joys of classical music.



CINE Golden Eagle

Kenyon Film Festival

Nevada City Film Festival

Hemisfilm: Gold Medallion

Cleveland Instructional Film Festival

Houston International Film Festival: Bronze Award

National Educational Film Festival: Jack London Award



"There are two things that impressed me about this film.
It is not filled with production gimmicks that serve to distract
rather than enhance. And the audio is the best I have heard on film."
MPT, The Critic's Place


"The film opens with a cellist playing Bach,
the camera drawing in tight until the frame
is consumed by an immense close-up of his eye.
The next shot, an animation of planets courtesy of NASA,
is reminiscent of 2001, accompanied by vocal chanting,
a passage the filmmaker describes as the classical notion
of the music of the spheres. It falls into place with the words of
George Rochberg: 'There is in man a deep felt instinctive knowledge
that music connects him to the cosmos."
J. Wynn Rousuck, The Baltimore Sun


Stephen Hunter's article on The Mind of Music broadcast
Baltimore Sun 9/17/1984



Produced by Michael R. Lawrence and Timothy Wolfe

Directed by Michael R. Lawrence