A 15-minute theatrical trailer

Key scenes from an original screenplay
for a low-budget thriller on nuclear terrorism.



In Baltimore, a mysterious stalker,
glimpsed only in the shadows of night,
is leaving a trail of unsolved killings:
his methods always the same,
his motives unclear, each victim elderly
and stabbed with a surgeon's scalpel.


Detective Henry Burkhoff, a veteran East Baltimore cop,
is assigned to investigate the case.
When other detectives refuse to work with him,
Homicide assigns a rookie. Burkhoff protests
when Shannon Holt, an inexperienced young policewoman,
is appointed his partner; but he is given no choice.


Against the backdrop of the fast-growing
"senior slasher" case, Burkhoff and Shannon
overcome their mutual hostility and begin to work as a team.


They soon uncover a link between the killer's victims:
the murdered seniors were all part of an experimental
heart program. From each body something was removed:
a tiny kernel of Plutonium 239 that powered their pacemakers.


It is some time before they uncover what we already know:
Tari Namorik, a Polynesian descendant of Bikini Island,
now a Baltimore engineer whose movements
we have been watching, is the killer.


Wracked by nightmares of the thermonuclear testing
that ravaged his island home, destroyed his culture
and poisoned his people, Tari has nothing left
but revenge and a mad plan to disperse
the deadly plutonium oxide somewhere in the city.


At the Baltimore Convention Center, atomic bomb pioneers
from the military and scientific community gather
to commemorate the development of the first nuclear bomb.
Burkhoff and Holt figure it out and go to the convention center
just as the Bikini Island man is about to set off his dirty bomb.



Screened at the Independent Feature Market.
Written, Produced and Directed by Michael R. Lawrence



The production was green-lighted by Vestron Home Video
with a million dollar budge. Jon Gordon was the producer
and Michael Lawrence was the director.

During pre-production, Vestron formed a new motion picture division,
Vestron Pictures and the production was cancelled.