The Shared Experience








The evolution of human thought and culture.


Dr. Lewis Thomas discusses the biological basis for culture,
Noam Chomsky speculates on the origin of language,
and Alexander Marshack explores the mind of Ice Age Man.



William Irwin Thompson examines the evolution of human thought
and culture, while John Kenneth Galbraith speculates on the media
and our contemporary information environment.



"This stunning film firmly establishes the intellectual basis of libraries."



"In a capsule form, Lawrence has done for the study
of information systems and libraries
what Bronowski did for the Ascent of Man."
Helen Cyr, EPFL



Stephen Hunter's article on The Shared Experience broadcast
Baltimore Sun 9/17/1984



Sinking Creek Film Competition

Cine Golden Eagle

Long Island International Film Festival

San Francisco International film Festival

American Film Festival

Maryland Filmmaker of the Year


PBS Broadcast WNET, New York



Written, Produced and Directed by Michael R. Lawrence