Bach Project - Manuel Barrueco



Manuel Barrueco


I think Bach's music is expressing something that we all feel,
that we all have inside, even for people who are not necessarily
classical music lovers or Bach lovers.



If you manage to get really inside this music,
it’s overwhelming.





There’s probably no more intellectual form of music as a fugue,
when you have this one line that’s played and it comes back
and it comes back again in different levels. 
I mean, it’s a very simple way to explain it
but that’s basically what the beginning of a fugue is.




The fugue is a very rational, intellectual, as intellectual as it can be. 
And still what Bach’s able to do within that,
the freedom that he finds, the emotions.




In my mind there’s no limit to what Bach can express.


To me, Bach begins and ends with being human.
To me, that’s what his music is about.