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Premieres and Screenings

World Premiere, Symphony Space, NYC May 16,23 & 30, 2010




World Premiere Videos

Part 1 - Part 2


Hello Michael,
I attended the premiere of Bach & Friends on May 16th.
What a wonderful and inspiring documentary!
Congratulations of such a spectacular film!
Paul Hoffman,

What a wonderful film and evening!
It was so rich and interesting and beautiful.
With congratulations and best regards.
Carmel Lowenthal

2010 Victoria Bach Festival, Victoria, Texas - June 12, 2010



Hello Michael,
This past year in June 2010 the director arranged a showing of BACH AND FRIENDS for Victoria Bach Festival.
My husband and I were enthralled by it and have since given it as gifts.
Sincerely, Anne Wagner

West Coast Premiere, San Francisco Classical Voice - July 14, 2010



I was at the filming last Wednesday and I thought the film was extra special.
The photography and editing were perfect.  I bought the DVD to show all of my friends.
I certainly hope this can get into all the theaters.  It really deserves an award.
Good luck and thank you for creating something so special.
Vivi Wiitala

Thank YOU!
The response to the film was fantastic.
Quite a few people asked about buying DVDs to share with friends
(we sold out of our limited stock in a flash).

I have nothing but praise for you and your film.............very moving.........
best, Nina Flyer

Carmel Bach Festival, Carmel, California - July 21,2010


Netherlands Premiere, Strchting Bach Festival - September 17-26, 2010

Maryland Premiere, Charles Theater, Baltimore - October 3, 2010


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Mike's WBJC Interview

Hello Michael,
My husband and I were in Baltimore and attended the showing of Bach & friends at the Charles Theater last Sunday.
We absolutely loved it! We had only enough cash with us that day to purchase two copies, but we wanted to have four.
Again, thank you for your beautiful movie. Regards, Kimberly & Terence Simmons

I watched your film at the Charles, yesterday morning. I absolutely loved it!
It was superb in every respect - the cinematography, the spoken words and performances of all the musicians,
and of course the music itself. I'm so glad you included an update of PDQ as well!
I am letting all my musician and music lover friends know about the film too!
I can't wait for your 2nd Bach film to come out. I'm so glad a DVD was available of your film.
I hardly ever buy DVD's, but this one I had to have!
I know your film will continue to be a success. Congratulations!!!
Best wishes, Kara Koppanyi


Simply put, kudos for providing us with two hours of total joy; we left the Charles theater mesmerized.
Others may offer greater eloquence, but we will be every bit as effusive as any of them in praise of your work.
I must also mention my appreciation for making this a 2-disc set. The movie DVD will allow me to illuminate friends and loved ones
on special occasions in the phenomenon that is Bach (& Friends), but I prize the bonus disc as it will enable a lifetime of serious listening.
You have our heartfelt thanks. Jan Schnaper

Sonoma Bach, Third Street Cinema, Santa Rosa, CA - October 7, 2011


Mike's KRCB Radio Interview


Hi, Mike –
I’m delighted to report that we had a great turnout last night for Sonoma Bach’s “Bach & Friends” fundraising event.
The audience LOVED the film, and it was fun to sit with them and hear the audible responses to the gorgeous performances.
The projection was flawless – it was perfect night.
With our very best wishes to you, and for the continuing success of “Bach & Friends,”
Laura Sawyer for Sonoma Bach

Hello Michael,
The Sonoma Bach screening of Bach & Friends on October 7th was a great success!
Thanks so much, Amber Heidtke

Virginia Premiere, Naro Cinema, Norfolk, VA - October 10, 2010

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WHRO-FM welcomed "Bach and Friends" and director Michael Lawrence to Norfolk on October 10 for the Virginia premiere of the film.
The showing was a resounding success; after all, how often does a movie audience break into applause for a music performance on the screen?
The applause resumed at the conclusion of the film, when Mike Lawrence answered questions from the enthusiastic audience.
This is the sort of movie that will appeal to anyone, but especially to classical music lovers.
It is a movie that comes as close to explaining the genius of Bach as anything I have encountered.
I highly recommend it.
Dwight Davis, Program Director, WHRO-FM


Hello Michael,
I saw Bach and Friends at the Naro Expanded Cinema on Sunday, October 10.
What an extraordinarily beautiful and moving film you have made.
For years, I have told people that Bach's music proves to me the existence of God!
It's wonderful to find others who believe it and live it as well.
Best wishes, Rebecca Barclay


Hi Michael,
My husband and I saw the movie last Sunday at the Naro in Norfolk.
Several performances in your movie moved me to tears and I can't wait to hear the full performances disk.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this wonderful treasure. Chelsy

Arizona Premiere, MIM, Phoenix, Arizona - October 23, 2010


Sponcored by The Musical Instrument Museum

BACH & friends had the honor of being the very first film
ever screened at the Musical Instrument Museum.

'Bach & Friends' kicks off MIM film series
The Arizona Republic
by Randy Cordova - Oct. 21, 2010

CSM, La Plata, Maryland - November 11 & 17, 2010

The Norfolk Library, Norfolk, Virginia - November 29, 2010

Arizona Bach Festival, Phoenix, AZ - January 7, 2011

El Paso Pro Musica, Plaza Philanthropy Theatre, Texas - January 12, 2011

Dear Mike:
El Paso Pro Musica Chamber Music Festival screening of "Bach and Friends," was a tremendous success.
The film was very well attended, the crowd was overwhelmed by the documentary, they loved seeing Zuill on the big screen.
All the best to you, FELIPA SOLIS

Shriver Hall Concert Series, Baltimore, MD - March 16, 2011


I saw the movie at Shriver Hall last week and thought it was beautifully done,
as did everyone around me! So I thought I would send it to my sister-in-law,
who is a musician, for her birthday.
Congratulations on a great film. I look forward to more to come.
Sue Woleman

Dear Michael,
I’ve received so many compliments and rave reviews about the entire evening,
and I’m glad it was such a success. Thank you!
Stephen Jacobsohn

Durango Bach Festival, Durango, Colorado - March 18, 2011

The audience at the Durango Bach Festival LOVED this film!
It's beautiful, thought-provoking, and fun!
Steve Kiely

I saw it last night at the Durango Bach Festival.
I found it intriguing, educational, well filmed and edited. 
I am sending it to my musician son who lives in the DC area.

Sari Salisbury

The projection was good. Everyone in the room loved it.
We have a very avid classical music population here in our little town.
It is quite a remarkable place with fine musicians and avid fans.
Again, thanks for this wonderful film

The Durango (CO) Bach Festival screened the film. The film is awesome --
we bought it for our home collection.
Steve Kiely


Naro Expanded Cinema, Norfolk, VA - March 26 & 27, 2011

Boulder Bach Festival, Canyon Theater - March 31, 2011


The screening at the Boulder Public Library was very well attended. 
It was a larger audience than I've seen at other screenings. 
There was considerable interest.
Best, Dan Seger

We saw Bach & Friends recently as part of the Boulder Bach Festival....
we, as was whole audience, were enthralled throughout.
Brought Bach alive for us in a whole new way, enriched by the various artists' creative viewpoints
and depths of experience & performance.  So we look forward to seeing it again
and sharing the 2nd set with a sister in New York coming to visit.
Thank you & all involved for creating and sharing this wonderful work. 
Warm regards to you, Melissa Bunch

Dear Michael,
The screening went very well. 135 in the audience,
excellent projection and very positive audience response. 
Congratulations on your fine work.
Best Regards, Joel

Hello, Mr. Lawrence:
I saw the movie at the Boulder Public Library where they offered a public screening.
Fortunately, they had a stack of cards at the entrance so that you could learn how to order a copy.
I've been telling some friends about the movie. Thanks for making the movie;
I've been listening almost exclusively to my Bach CDs ever since I saw the film a month ago.
Bach's music has the power to uplift our collective spirit, don't you think?
Sincerely, George

Monmouth Civic Chorus, Red Bank, NJ, Clearview Cinema  - April 6, 2011

German Premiere, Thuringia Bach Festival, Weimar - May 2, 3, 4, 2011



Bach & Beyond, Fredonia Opera House, Fredonia, NY - June 4, 2011

Lovers of music rejoice.  BACH & FRIENDS, which will be shown tonight at the Fredonia Opera House to celebrate the annual ‘Bach & Beyond’ festival, is a remarkable piece of documentary filmmaking by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Michael Lawrence.  The film is beautifully photographed, and it has outstanding sound quality. In very well organized fashion, during its two-hour run time, the film introduces basic and well-documented information about such varied topics as how Bach composed his music, the connection between music and mathematics, a scientific study of how the human brain is influenced by music, the effects on the music produced by changing the instrument on which it is performed and much more.

Robert W. Plyler , The Post-Journal | June 4, 2011

Oregon Bach Festival, Bijou Cinema, Eugene, OR - June 25 & July 2, 3, 2011

I saw BACH & friends as part of the OBF here.
Absolutely wonderful. Look forward to more!
Bob Hubbard in Eugene

Truly touching, Elopez

I went to the screening of this movie at the Bach Festival in Eugene, Oregon.
This may sound crazy to you, but this movie has changed my feelings
about classical music in our time.  I experienced a profound change within myself. 

It is my feeling that classical music, in the Western European sense,
will eventually be a thing of the past unless profound changes are made.
I must say that the way many of today's musicians approach the music,
from a technical point of view, takes much enjoyment out of it for me.

I feel that music must be able to interpret the experience of every person
and culture and that we must all mix our disciplines.  Your movie gave me hope. 
It was inspiring to see so many different interpretations and experimentation with music.
My view of music as a living, changing entity was validated by the widely different approaches
to musical interpretation, and musical conventions.  The glass harp was one of the most amazing,
and deeply moving, presentations.

I feel excited, and, fulfilled, by the experimentation you have been able to share
and it gives me hope that classical music will continue
and be invigorated by this swirl of activity.

Thank you so much for your contribution, Laoni Davis

I saw the film which was shown at the Oregon Bach Festival on Saturday.
It was excellent.  Dick Romm

Dear Mike,
Its a great piece of work and I'm sure you've gained another international fan  ;)
Best wishes and warm regards, Nadia Halstead


 Maryland Morning Screen Test WYPR - June 29, 2011

Bach Academie Brugge 2012
January 20 & 21, 2012

Bach Festival
Society of Winter Park
Enzian Theater
February 5 & 24, 2012

Library of Congress
Mary Pickford Theater
April 11, 2012

Middlebury Bach Festival
April 27, 2012

Shenandoah Valley
Bach Festival
May 31, 2012

Bowdoin Summer Music Festival
July 15, 2011

so additional screenings are

Bach & Friends Performances
Maitisong Festival
April 18th, 2013